Boundless Energy

The leader's energetic commitment to the organization can make a huge difference in the behavior of the team members.

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Unlimited Influence

A leader must strive to erase and replace limiting beliefs with supportive, empowering beliefs that unlock the energetic, influential, powerful leader they aspire to be.

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Global Impact

The leader impacts every aspect of the organization he or she is privileged to lead

Renita your instructor

Meet your instructor

Renita Alexander is a leader and learner!  She has been a student of leadership most of her life, applying what she read, witnessed and experienced as the oldest of five children, an Air Force officer and leadership coach to consistently improve her leadership and share her lessons learned with others. 

Since retiring from the Air Force after 27 years and moving to Chicago, Alexander has put her leadership knowledge to use, co-founding The Social Leadership Academy, a global education company for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, facilitating MoxE Women, a group of Christian leaders and entrepreneurs, and creating the Leadership Empowerment Academy for the Air Force Academy High School to help young leaders find their leadership strengths. Her company, Leadership Unlocked, is a full service, leadership development and training company focused on developing servant leaders. 

Alexander’s book, Just Breathe: Leading Myself One Breath at a Time, was released in 2019. She believes that being the leader you are called to be is the journey of a lifetime.

Customized Content

Renita is a repeat presenter on leadership agility for our "nextSTARTUP" program. Whether live or virtual, she brings NEXT LEVEL energy, engagement and expertise to our emerging entrepreneurs.

Kevin Davenport, Program Manager, Chicago Urban League, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Unique Workshops

I was really impressed with your intro story to the B.R.A.K.E.S. workshop. It was a great hook with a tantalizing intro to the content without giving it all away in the first moments. I took notes on the structure of your outline, lady! :)

Letting us know to expect a sales pitch at the end prevents anyone from feeling like the whole thing was a set up for a bait and switch.

And then of course the content was really good.

Emily Taylor, Owner

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